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Pet Photography


Pet Pix
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This Community is for the Photography of your pets.


Their won't be many big rules, but I'll list a few ones.

1. Respect the Maintainer
2. Please don't make fun or criticize any pets. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.
3. If your posting more than one picture please use an lj cut. Its alright if you post one picture then have a lj cut with the rest.
4. No Promoting.


name;; mark
age;; 15
location;; nova scotia, canada

Benji: Dog
age: Twenty-Seven years old in Human years. Yes thats hard to believe. We're researching to see if he might be the oldest Dog in Canada.

Clinton: Hermit Crab
age: well, im not quite sure, I've only had him since December 28th.