Crystal (sweet_vindicate) wrote in petpix,

new here

Hey guys im new here, my name is crystal. i live in orlando,fl im gonna be 18 in a couple weeks. Heres some info on my 2 wonderful cats!

Tink- 5 yrs old-adopted from petsmart 2 1/2 yrs ago, she had been there for over 8 months and they were going to put her to sleep *sniffles* the thought of them doing that makes me very sad (she is a GREAT cat, very loving) her original owners got rid of her becuase they didnt want to empty the cat liter( that is totally f'd up)




Pheobe- 1 yr 1 month old-adopted from SPCA(central florida) got her when she was 6 weeks old! she had been previously adopted but they took her back after a week saying she was peeing everywhere, I NEVER had any problems with her she went right to the cat liter after me sitting her in there one time. She loves Tink they lay together and she also loves to bathe Tink's head(very adorable) we are convinced she is part bobcat( she has those distictive points on the top of her ears, plus her paws are HUGE...idk)



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